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2023 Gift Guides

Here is a roundup of all of the gift guides I have already created for this holiday season. I'll also be adding to it as I create more so check back often!


Under $50

Nike Sneakers: I got these as a gift last year and they are hands down my most worn sneakers and I get compliments on them all the time! They're not normally under $50, but are currently on sale (and this color NEVER goes on sale).

Stanley Cup: I have two Stanley's and several "dupes" and I just can't explain why, but I reach for my Stanley over the others every single time. It's definitely one of those things that she probably wants, but won't buy so herself so you should get it for her!

Oversize Pull-Over: I don't have this, but I feel like any girl into lounge-wear and active vibes would love this. And it's total Lulu vibes.

DIY Lashes: I can not go without my Flutter Habit lashes! I started wearing them earlier this year, and haven't looked back. It took a few practice rounds to get it, but now I can put them on in a quick morning rush and they last me about a week (but I can stretch them longer if I need too). My favorites are the Flirts, Sweethearts, and Winks, but every face shape is different so I recommend gifting their Sampler Box.

Pajama Set: The Joyspun brand of pajamas and loungewear from Walmart have quickly become some of my favorites! They have some cute holiday and non-holiday sets right now.

Cropped Vest: I have this vest in the khaki color. It's my favorite cropped vest for a put-together athleisure look. The parents at my kid's school have probably seen me wear it 100x.

The Homebody

Blanket: This throw blanket gives total Pottery Barn vibes but is under $25.

Ember Mug: This one is on my list! This coffee mug keeps your coffee warm at the temperature that you like and is rechargeable. A must in my life because I can never finish a cup before it gets cold! And I just love this color.

Coffee Table Book: Chances are if the person on your list is a homebody then they also keep up with today's home decor trends. Gifting them a coffee table book (or two) is a great idea because it serves two purposes: decor and inspiration. This one is Shea McGee's latest release and it's a good one!

Candle Lamp: This candle warming lamp is such a good idea for anyone on your list, but especially someone who's a little older. Sometimes even I forget to blow out my candle so this eliminates that worry!

Sweatshirt: Every homebody loves a good cozy outfit and this homegirl sweatshirt is just too cute. Add this to my list ;)

Heated Foot Massager: I would love to have one of these, especially for under my desk because my feet are always so cold. And I might as well get a massage while warming them up ;)

The Bookworm

Reading Valet: This is the ultimate work station for book lovers. It holds a book, glasses, and a coffee or tea mug! You can also get it customized.

Blanket with Foot Pocket: I have one of these and its a game changer! My feet never slip out and stay nice and cozy.

Kindle Holder: This is definitely one of those gifts that someone wouldn't buy themselves, but would definite love. Pair this with the page turner (also pictured) and they'll never have to pull their hands out from under the covers to turn the page.

Kindle Page Turner: Take it from me, taking your hand out from under the covers every 30 seconds gets old. This one is definitely on my Christmas list.

Coffee Mug: Pair this cute "One More Chapter" coffee mug with a bag of their favorite coffee or tea for an easy gift idea. This mug comes in several stye options.

Sweatshirt: Who doesn't love a cozy sweatshirt. I love the style of this one because it has that college sweatshirt look to it.



A lot of these gifts are interchangeable and not gender specific so be sure to browse through them all for inspiration.

Note: In my kid's gift guides, you won't find a lot of battery operated toys. I think they're fine here and there, but toys that don't operate by themselves forces kids to stretch their imagination. They're worth the investment in my opinion.

Girls: 2-4 Years Old

Nail Salon: This pretend salon is perfect for the girls who aren't quite ready to be trusted with real makeup (aka my 3 year old). I love that it comes with all of the accessories to make them feel like they're really at a salon!

Play Tent: I think this play tent is adorable. I love the neutral colors and we all know kids love any space they can crawl into. This would make a great reading spot or pretend house play.

Hair Salon: I love this pretend hair salon! It comes with everything the kids need to pretend to do hair including shampoo and conditioner, plus they can pretend to do makeup! This would make a great addition to a little vanity as well! And I love that it comes with a carrying case.

Train Set: I'm not sure if you know how hard it is to find a cute train set for girls, but it's definitely not easy. We were lucky enough to find a set that looks so similar to this one from TJ Maxx last year, but we all know how much of a hunt that can be so this one is a great alternative! And currently on sale!

Ice Cream Cart: I love that this toy can be gifted to such a wide range of ages. It's technically a walker which would make it a great gift for a 1 year old, but I could honestly see my 3 and 5 year old playing with it!

Tea Party Set: I'm obsessed with this tea set! I love the flowers and vase that it comes with and the tray of desserts! These would be perfect to decorate a play kitchen with. The possibilities are endless and it's on sale for Black Friday.

Boys: 0-2 Years Old

Train Set: I love the neutral colors of this train set, but also that there's so many areas of development being addressed here including hand-eye coordination.

Music Set: The gift any parent would love haha. But seriously, I love this for a younger baby or toddler. Music is such an amazing speech development tool!

Activity Cube: Activity cube's are like a right of passage for babies, but I love the soft colors of this one!

Bath Toys: I love that this set doesn't have holes where water can sit and create mold! And they're super cute.

Walker: Were there walkers this cute when my girls were little?? If not, I'm so jealous!

Balance Bike: This balance bike is too cute and comes in several different colors!

Boys: 2-4 Years Old

Magnetic Tiles: My girls love building things with their magnetic tiles! It keeps them busy for a while and they're using their imagination.

Work Bench: This one is more of a splurge, but I love a good open ended toy. It really forces their imagination to work so I feel like it's worth it! Imaging all the things they could "fix" with this!

Cleaning Set: This one isn't just for the girls ;). Kids love to help clean up around the house so why not get them their own set of cleaning tools. There are other more inexpensive versions like this one, but if you don't have a place to store it out of sight, why not make it cute!

Barn: This barn comes with wooden animals and even a silos which is just the cutest. The back opens up so that little hands can play inside for endless ways to play!

Construction Trucks: These construction trucks are a great STEM activity because they come with a little screwdriver so the kids can take them apart and put them together themselves. And they have functional arms making them a great sandbox activity.

Espresso Machine: Let their imagination run wild with the cutest espresso machine. It even comes with different flavored pods.

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