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DIY Kid's Command Center

Updated: Jun 3

Now that summer break is here, I wanted to create a command station for my girls so that they can easily keep track of their daily chores and schedule. I've found that when they can see what to do and what's next, they're no only more self-sufficient, but a lot less likely to revert to screens.

I wanted this station to be age-appropriate and user friendly so that they could keep track of it all on their own. So far, they're absolutely loving it and actually get excited to start their day! (We're still working on the evening chores lol).

I bough a cork board roll at Hobby Lobby, but honestly it's so thin and flimsy I wouldn't recommend it. You could use regular cork boards or just stick them on the wall. Obviousy the arch and accent wall is just me being extra and completely unnecessary. haha

I've included the free links to the chore charts and schedules below. These are completely editable through Canva so play around with it and feel free to make it work for your family!


  • Laminator

  • Laminating Pouches

  • Scissors

  • Printer

  • Cork Board - I used a roll from Hoby Lobby, but I don't recommend it. I linked some squares that seem to be more sturdy. You could use command strips to hang it without damaging the wall

  • Paint (optional)

Editable Charts

Access my free templates here. These are fully editable so you can customize them to fit your family!

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