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Best Sellers of 2021

Here were some of the top selling items from 2021. You'll notice this list doesn't include any Amazon items and thats because LTK doesn't show me which specific Amazon items were the top sellers so I'd love to know if you bought any of my Amazon recommendations and which was you're favorite!

1. Striped Decorative Throw Pillow Natural - These are the throw pillows that we have on our bed and I love them. Unfortunately, I've had them for quite some time, so if you can't seem to find them anymore, I'm loving this new release and I think it's a great alternative.

2. Chunky Knit Bed Blanket - I am not at all surprised this made the top 10. This is the throw blanket that we have draped across our bed and it's amazing. I love the texture that it brings to any space. We have a king bed and purchased the queen blanket size.

3. Medallion Stitch Quilt - Another bedroom favorite. We've had this quilt on our bed all year. Even though we are about to replace it, we will miss it so much. Unfortunately, there are a few lipstick stains from the girls that we just can't get off. But if you or your significant other is a hot sleeper, you'll love this quilt.

4. Microfiber Dust Cloths - One thing I learned in 2021 is that you guys love a good "Clean With Me" session. These were and still are one of my top favorite cleaning finds. The set comes with 3 different types of cleaning cloths made for it's own specific job. You won't be disappointed.

5. Wood Floating Shelf - We have the 24" shelves in our guest bathroom and the 36" shelves in our master bathroom. I love that they're the perfect depth to hang over a toilet so you don't have to worry about guests hitting their head on a corner.

6. Patio Club Chairs - One of my favorite projects from 2021 was the extension of our back patio. A lot changed out there, but one thing stayed the same and that was our patio furniture. I love this set because of it's modern, sleek design and they're so easy to clean! I'm hoping Target will keep them around in 2022.

7. Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush - I'm not sure how I went through the year without knowing this was a top seller! But that's how I know you guys have good taste. These are hands down some of my favorite drug-store makeup brushes. I actually own 2 of these, just in case one is dirty lol

8. Rustic Weathered Planter - This is the planter that I've had styled on our entry table for quite a while. It's beautiful and was a great price for the size. If you can't find it in store near you, try this one. It's not identical, but it is similar in size and gorgeous-ness.

9. Framed Floral Sketch Art - I don't personally have this styled in my home, but I did share it in one of my design boards. I recently purchased something similar and hung it in my dining room. I think they're so pretty!

10. Organic Cotton Bath Towel Set - I shared this bath towel set as a part of a collaboration with Walmart (what a dream come true!) and they quickly became some of my favorites! We keep them in our guest bathroom and I love that I feel like I'm offering our guests luxury bath towels at an affordable price!

11. Upholstered Bench - We had this bench in our bedroom for a while and loved it. It looks much darker online.

12. Rattan Basket - We have this and have used it for so many different things including to hold blankets, toys, plants, etc.

13. French Country Mirror - This mirror has been styled in several places in our home included on our fireplace mantle and in the dining room. I have since used Rub 'N Buff to make it gold, but it's beautiful either way.

14. Entryway Table - Our entryway table is from Home Goods, but I get so many questions about it. I've spent the past year trying to find the most similar piece I can and this one is it. It is a bit longer than ours, but quality wise it's gotten the best feedback from you guys!

15. Ninja Foodie Smoothie Bowl - I finally broke down and bought this Ninja blender and I have zero regrets. Pretty sure this thing works better than my Vitamin. It makes the smoothest smoothies!

I can't wait to see what we find in 2022! Did you purchase any of these items?

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