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What We're Gifting Our Girls

Updated: Apr 22

I always love seeing what other parents are getting their kids in hopes that it gives me ideas so I thought I'd share what we're actually gifting our girls this year. They are 5 and 3 years old and total opposites! I'd also love to know what you're gifting your kiddos...let's help each other out!

For Our 5 Year Old

Juju is your typical Barbie loving 5 year old. She loves makeup, hair, dolls, etc, but she also loves board games, workbooks, and anything that gives her the opportunity to build.

Our 5 year old is the easiest one to shop for. She loves all things barbies, makeup, jewelry, dress-up, drawing, games, etc.

Spa Day Our Generation Doll: I took our girls to their very own spa day and ever since, my oldest keeps mentioning that she wants to give her dolls a spa day and I thought this set was perfecttt!

Marble Run Magnetic Tiles: We all know magnetic tiles are amazing and my daughter loves to build things and use her imagination so we grabbed this marble run set while it was on sale for Black Friday. I won't be surprised if my husband plays with it just as much!

Charades Game: Juju LOVES games and at our family Thanksgiving dinner the adults were playing charades and Juju jumped in and had so much fun. She couldn't read the words which is why this set is so perfect and age-appropriate because it doesn't require reading, but also teaches word association!

Wireless Headphones: Her current headphones are corded and only one side works so I thought she was due for an upgrade. And the Gabby Dollhouse ears were perfect. I found these at Sam's and also grabbed my youngest a Frozen pair.

Magic Mixie Cauldron: She's been begging for one of these and I grabbed it months ago during the Prime Day sale. Does anyone else start buying gifts early on during the sales?!

Barbie Dream Boat: I mentioned her love for Barbies and I wasn't exaggerating. I try not to get her all of the closets and houses because, gosh, that just sounds messy! But since we're a big boat family, I decided this one was okay. She's going to LOVE it.

For Our 3 Year Old

Josie doesn't really play with the traditional toys. She's more of a craft and explore girl. She loves being outside, coloring, play-doh, sand....she basically loves to get dirty.

Sensory Play Box: I LOVE these boxes for outside play when the weather is nice and they're also perfect for a rainy day (if you don't mind the mess). Josie is pretty good about keeping the sand in the box, but messes happen! She's going to love this ice cream one.

My Little Pony Play-Doh: Josie is my creative child and loves to color, draw, and work with her hands. She loves play-doh (and we go through a lot of it because she can't seem to remember to put it up lol) and she'll be so excited to create her own My Little Pony's.

Stepping Stones: I think I'm the most excited about this one! The girls love jumping across our furniture and Josie has even been known to use my yoga blocks, so she is going to love these! I love that they nest together for easy storage, but I have a feeling they'll just constantly be out either in the playroom and outside on nice days.

Wireless Headphones: These are the same kind that I got our 5 year old, but Frozen was the obvious choice for Josie because she's obsessed!

Musical Jewelry Box: Her big sister has one of these musical jewelry boxes and Josie loves to listen to the music so I got her her own! We got ours from TJ Maxx.

Toy Vacuum: The girls love helping me vacuum. We're actually able to shorten our real one so that my oldest can use it, but Josie still has a hard time so I got her her very own vacuum. Theres several versions of these out there if you don't have a Sam's membership.

We are also gifting both girls a big gift that they'll both use and love. We scored this ride-on jeep during Black Friday (and it's still on sale for the same price). They used to have a 4 wheeler, but they left it out in the rain one too many times. Jeremy will be building an enclosed space for them to park this one.

I would love to hear what gifts you found for your kiddos this year! Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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