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Home with Kids Daily Schedule

I am definitely one of those people who thrive on lists and schedules so at the very beginning of summer I wrote down our schedule for the day and after living with it for a few weeks and making some tweaks, I have created a hard copy and thought I'd share it here so that you can have the opportunity to print it for yourself.

Obviously not everyone's schedule will look the same, but if you're like me and do better with a schedule, then I highly suggest you sit down and make your own if this one isn't for you. It truly helps so much! I even added cute clipart to mine so that my girls can look at it and see what's next!

I use this in conjunction with my Weekly Cleaning Schedule so when you see "Mom does daily chores" on this one, that's what that is referring to!

Download your free daily schedule below!

Daily Schedule
Download PDF • 387KB

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