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Board & Batten Tutorial: For Beginners

Updated: Apr 22

This was my second ever project to do all by myself and I'm so proud of it! There's just something about completing a project from start to finish all on your own....even if there were some bumps along the way. So I'm giving you all the details and tips so you can make less mistakes then me.


* if you have smooth walls or don't mind the texture showing through, you could skip the plywood and just put the boards directly over the wall. We have very textured walls and I wanted a smooth look! Personal preference :)


Step 1: Measure the total length of your wall. Write it down.

Step 2: Measure the height that you're wanting (we have 9 ft ceilings and our board and batten is approximately 53" high). Write it down.

Step 3: Now find the halfway point of your wall (divide the number you got in step one by 2). You want your plywood to meet in the middle of your wall (this will make it easy to cover the seam) which means you will have to cut of some length from your plywood. To figure out how much, divide your midpoint number by 48" (which is how long your plywood is)

Example: Total length of wall= 10ft (120").

Midpoint= 5 ft (60").

60" - 48" = 12"

Therefore, you would need to take off 12" one on end of your plywood.

Step 4: Using your circular saw, cut your plywood to the length and height that you need.

Step 5: Apply liquid nails to the back of the plywood, attach it to the wall, then use your brad nailer to nail it in on the outer edges. Make sure to push the plywood onto the wall so that the liquid nails grab onto the wall.

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 & 5 on your second sheet of plywood (or however many sheets you're using. I used two).

Step 7: Cut your 1x4 to the length of your wall.

Step 8: Nail it to the wall making sure it's level. (You can either nail it to the wall on top of the plywood or you can set it over the plywood and nail it to that.)

Step 9: If you are wanting to cut the end of your upright boards at a 45 degree angle to help them blend into your baseboard do this: Using your miter saw cut one end of the 1x3 board to at a 45 degree angle. Then, flip it to the opposite end and cut it to the height that you need. To find the height, measure from the top of your baseboard to the bottom of your 1x4. Cut the angle first and then the height! This will ensure you don't cut your board to short.....ask me how I know.

If you are replacing your baseboard or don't care about the 1x3 hanging over your baseboard, you can skip cutting it at a 45 degree angle and just cut it to height.

Step 10: Using your brad nailer, nail the 1x3 onto the middle of the wall. This will cover the seam!

Step 11: Repeat steps 9 &10 for your other boards. I nailed the center board on first and then the outer 2 so that way it was easier to figure out my spacing.

Step 12: By now you should have all over 1x3's and 1x4 nailed onto the wall. The last cut is going to be your 1x2. Cut your 1x2 to the length of your wall.

Step 13: Lay your 1x2 flat on top of your 1x4 (it should create a ledge). Using your brad nailer, nail it in through the top.

This is about what your wall should look like.

Step 14: Fill in all of your holes using the wood filler. Once it dries sand it down.

Step 15: Caulk all of your seams.

Step 16: Prime & Paint

Thats it! You did that! Can you believe it?! You know the drill...tag me on Instagram or send me pics of your completed project. I love seeing them!

Paint Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

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What color is the board and batten painted?? I love it!

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