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My 2023 Goals and Plans

It's the New Year which means it's a new opportunity for personal growth. I took some time to write down a few goals for myself in each category of my life. I also asked this question on Instagram and may have stolen a few of those goals...there were some good ones!

I will also list what projects we hope to accomplish this year in our home!



  • Be More Present - aka stop wasting an hour of useless scrolling when I could've been interacting, teaching, and engaging with my girls.

  • Be More Patient - sometimes I just get so frustrated and overwhelmed that I take it out on the girls and it's not fair to them. I would love to be better at learning to pause, breathe, and then react.

  • Raise my Voice Less - I'm not proud of having to type this, but If I want to be transparent and real with you guys, yes, I raise my voice from time to time because, again, I just get so overwhelmed. I don't want my girls to look back at their childhood and that be their core memory.


So Jeremy and I sat down and tried to come up with some goals for our marriage and could only come up with one. And that's not to say we have a perfect marriage. Yes, we bicker and get on each others nerves, but we're pretty good about communicating and talking it out. The only one we could come up with at the moment is more quality time.

  • More Date Nights - I'm not sure if we've ever had a true date night with just the two of us since having kids. We've gone to business events, weddings, etc together, but I don't think we've ever had just one night out together. Isn't that crazy?! Well....there was our anniversary so ok once in 4 years haha

These next two are where it gets a little overwhelming, but I have a lot of expectations for myself this year and I'm going to do my best to see them through.


  • Reach 175K on Instagram by July - I can't quite decide if this sounds easy or impossible. It's becoming increasingly harder to grow on Instagram so I'm giving myself some grace here.

  • Reach 300K on TikTok by the End of the Year - It's definitely easier to grow on TikTok so 300K may be setting the bar low, but we want attainable goals. And if I surpass it then that's a bonus!

  • Share More Fashion/Real Life - If there's one thing I learned in 2022, it was that my Insta fam loves my fashion sense lol KIDDING! But kind of not really because every time I share anything fashion related, it does just as well, if not better, than home content. If I'm being honest, it's taken me a while to get back into my love of fashion after having kids (Fun Fact: I used to want to own a boutique.). But now that I'm finding myself again and re-updating my closet, I can't wait to share more of that with you all!

  • E-Design Spaces - Will 2023 be the year that I finally get over my fear of helping people with their spaces? I get asked constantly if that's a service that I offer and as much fun as I know it would be, I'm also hesitant for two main reasons:

    1. What if I actually suck at it?!

    2. Time. Right now the girls are in pre-school part-time, and as nice as the break is, most of the time, it's not enough time to check off my to-do list as it is. So adding another, very time-consuming task to that list is daunting. But, my oldest will be going to Kindergarten this year so maybe this year will be the year. Stay tuned!

  • Plan Better - You know what would make my life easier?! If I could sit down at the beginning of the week and actually plan out my content for the week, and film it in advance, instead of flying by the seat of my pants because omg it's exhausting. But constantly coming up with new content to share is also exhausting. Here's to trying to find a better balance this year!


  • Overthink Less - Oh, boy...starting off strong with this one. One thing you all probably don't know about me is that I am an over thinker to the max. If you don't text me back, I immediately think you don't like me. Don't come to my party? You don't like me. Stare at me at the store? You don't like me. I'm very self-aware and know that this is all in my head. It definitely affects my relationships so it's for sure something I want to work on this year. But "how" I'm not really too sure. If you have any tips or book recommendations LMK!

  • Read 2 books a Month - If you're an avid reader, this probably seems low, but I think 2 is the only attainable number for me right now. I'm over-extended as it is, but reading is a hobby that I've always loved, but don't get to do as often as I'd like.

  • Do More for me Without Feeling Guilty - Again, this is something that is 100% in my head because let's be clear about something...Jeremy has NEVER made me feel guilty for taking some "me time". In fact, he encourages it. But if I go to get my nails done, take a bath, read a book, etc I can't fully enjoy it without feeling its wasted time. I don't know when or if this will ever pass, but this year I want to really work on that.

  • Spend Less - As I start to organize all of my spaces for the new year, I'm reminded of how much junk I bought and how it brought me zero happiness. In fact, when I look at it, I feel regret. This year I want to be intentional about what I'm purchasing. Obviously this will be a hard balance because my job makes that hard... the saying "You have to spend money to make money" has never been more true than with this occupation. But I'm confident that I can find a good balance.

  • Travel More - For those who don't know, we do have a camper and while we're usually good about taking it out a few times a year, we either go to the same places or stay local which is fine for weekend getaways, but there is SO MUCH more I want to see. If I go to another lake I may cry (dramatic I know, but it feels like we're always staring at a lake.) I want to see mountains and canyons and camp off the grid under the stars...I just want to see more. I would also love to take more girls trips, but again, I need to get over my fear of feeling guilty for doing that. The two main places I'd love to visit this year are Colorado and New York.

Projects and Goals for the house

As for the house and what you can expect in 2023, here are some projects I'm hoping to get knocked out this year. And I say hoping because most of these are pretty big projects so we'll see what happens!

  1. New floors - I would like to swap out our flooring for some white oak and lay them in every bedroom, the living room, and kitchen.

  2. New Closet - We have a nice sized closet but it's not very functional as it is and it drives me crazyyy. I would love to either completely DIY a closet system or use Ikea or Elfa's help.

  3. Faux Beams - I would love love love to add some faux beams to the living room, but I've held onto starting this because I wanted to wait until we got new floors because the beams will need to match the floors.

  4. New Front Door - Have I ever mentioned how much I hate not being able to see out the front of our house. We have no windows, no peephole, no nothinggg. I would love to swap out our front door with a gorgeous black, glass panel door.

  5. Extend Kitchen Cabinets to the Ceiling - Why builders don't automatically do this is beyond me.

Our Ultimate Goal...

Now, here's our ultimate life goal. I don't know if it'll happen this year or the next, but this is the goal we're working towards every single year....

Either buy land and build a house or buy a fixer upper on land. The main thing is we want land. Nothing crazy, just a few acres.

But the next time we move it'll be for good, so the stars will have to align for this next move to happen. And until then, we're just going to keep doing our thing here and enjoy every minute.

I'm looking forward to what 2023 will bring and ultimately, I hope to be a better mom, wife, and advocate for you all!

Cheers to what will be an amazing year!

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