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Project Goals For 2022

I feel like my head is already spinning with project ideas for the new year. I wanted to share some of those ideas with you guys so that you know what to expect from my account. And while I'm hopefully manifesting these projects into existence by writing them here, we all know that life happens, so, while most of these may happen over the next year, not all of them are guaranteed. Let's all cross our fingers that we can make it happen!

1. New Floors - If you've been with me for the past couple of years, you know that one of the things I've been dying to change out (literally since the day that we moved in) are the floors. They're the worst. Not only because they're TOO dark and show every single speck of dirt, but they haven't been able to withstand 2 dogs and 2 kids very well. There are chips everywhere. We actually put a huge scratch in them the day that we moved in. This will probably be the biggest project that we potentially tackle in 2022, especially since we'll be ripping out the tile in the kitchen. The goal is to find durable flooring to lay in the entryway, family room, kitchen, and the third bedroom to make it feel more like a study. Should we take it into the Primary Bedroom too?

2. Kitchen Cabinets - The second biggest project that we want to tackle this year is in the kitchen. I know what you're thinking! In 2021 we replaced the backsplash and painted the island so what else could we possibly want? Well, let me tell ya. It's always bothered me that the builder decided to end the cabinets right in line with the island. That back wall is so big they definitely could've added another set of cabinets to better separate the kitchen from the dining area. So, we plan on building a floor to ceiling cabinet at the end of our current cabinets to hold appliances. Jeremy will add a plug inside so that we can keep our most used appliances hidden but ready to use. The current cabinets have a crown molding at the top and extending that to the new cabinet wouldn't be an easy task so, instead, we're going to go ahead and take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. That alone is going to change the look in there substantially!

3. Bedroom Accent Wall - I've wanted an accent wall in our bedroom for so long, I just haven't been able to decide the exact look that I'm going for. But, I've finally made up my mind and this project will be extra special to me because I want to tackle it myself. I'm going to add picture molding to the main wall. I feel like this will be a simple enough project for me to tackle by myself (but I'll make sure Jeremy is there just in case lol).

4. Office - We made the third bedroom into our office and it is a hot mess. That small bedroom serves as an office for both me and Jeremy and also my craft space! We've added storage solutions here and there but in all honesty, that room needs a lot more help to make it functional. Like I mentioned above, we plan to take out the carpet and lay wood floors to help take away that bedroom feel. We will also be adding built-ins and replacing the door leading into the room with a barn door. In a perfect world I would love to rip out the closet that's in there and relocate the door and make them French doors, but for resell purposes I think it's better to leave the closet as is in case any potential future owners need that extra bedroom.

5. Paint the Laundry Room Cabinet - Probably the easiest project I want to take on this year is painting the cabinet in our laundry room. Right now it's gray, but ever since we added that black and white floral wallpaper I keep envisioning this beautiful dark green with brass hardware.

7. Playroom Makeover - Ahhh, the playroom. I've struggled with this space and here's why. While it's our playroom and my workout space, it's also a guest room (or will be). I thought it was perfect to have guests stay up there because it has it's own bathroom and it's away from our crazy girls. The current couch that is up there is way too big for the space and unnecessary, so I want to find a comfy pull out couch and while I'm at it, I want to possibly wallpaper the side wall, add board and batten to the long back wall, and hang some curtains. I'm hoping by downsizing the couch, we will gain some space for girls, but also make it a functional guest space as well.

8. Backyard Landscaping - I talked about this briefly last year, but I would love to plant some privacy trees along our back fence. The issue is that we live in an HOA and we have an approved list of trees that we're allowed to plant *insert eye roll here* and I don't like any of them. Also, trees of a decent size are expensiveeeee. But nonetheless, I plan on contacting our HOA to try to get Cherry Laurels approved and then go from there.

As of right now, that's all I've come up with for 2022, but I'm sure I'll have three more ideas by tomorrow. Which project are you most excited to see come to life?! It's so hard for me to decide, but I think mine is the office! No wait, the floors. Can I choose more than one??

Love you!

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