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Try-On: Recent Clothing Haul

Let's start this post off with 3 reasons I'd never make it as a fashion influencer:

  1. I didn't iron/steam any of these clothes

  2. I didn't even wash my hair for this

  3. I was sweating switching out all of these outfits

Ok, now that we got that our of the way, the past couple of weeks I've kind of taken a step back from home decor shopping and have been focusing on updating my wardrobe. I feel like every time we go out somewhere or I go to hang out with friends, I'm left feeling so frustrated with my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear even though I have a closet full of clothes. I think that's because 90% of my clothes are sweatpants or graphic tees haha.

The past few weeks, I've really hit the jackpot and feel like I've found some universal clothing which as almost inspired me to focus on creating a capsule wardrobe (I say almost because I just love color too much to fully commit lol). So here are a few pieces (quickly styled) that I've found recently:

* For reference, I'm 5'8" and am currently in between Medium and Large, but lean more towards Medium.

Old Navy/Gap

Ok before you scroll down, I know I know, I literally just said all I had were sweatpants, but I seriously think its impossible or me to shop without purchasing loungewear/pajamas of some sort haha But I thought these joggers and heart sweatshirt were so cute, especially for Valentine's Day.

Joggers: These joggers are so comfy! I got a medium.

Sweatshirt: This sweatshirt is cropped and will definitely show some skin if you lift your hands up, but isn't it cuteee. I got a medium..

Long Topcoat: I was extremely happy to find this coat. My friend and I actually spent hours shopping on day, and I found one at Loft, but it was just too baggy. I'm so happy with this one. I usually have to get large's in jackets/coats because I have broad shoulders, but I listened to the reviews and went with a medium and it's perfect.

Jeans: These jeans aren't a new purchase, but I'll go ahead and link them. I always get questions about my Old Navy Jeans. I love these straight jeans. they fit in all the right places. These are the jeans I'll be wearing in the rest of the try-on. I'm wearing a size 10.

Flats: I actually got these on clearance at Target last year, but I love these. They have a similar look without the back. These are also super cute, I love the woven texture.


Button Up: I loved this button up the minute I saw it. If you want it to fit like the model on their site, I would size up, especially if you want to do a cute tie through the belt loops like all of the pro's are doing these days. I'm wearing a medium.

Jeans: I was fully expecting to have to return these jeans because the reviews were awful, but I'm so shocked by them. I personally love these jeans. You do need to size up one, but they have some stretch in them and hug you in all the right places. They're a winner in my book!

Joggers: If you follow me on Insta, you know all about these joggers. They've been a top seller for going on a month now. I'm wearing a medium.

Top: This top actually came in a two pack from TJ Maxx so I can't link it, sorry!

Gauze Blouse: I loveeee this top for transitioning into spring. I'm wearing a large.

Tapered Pants: These pantsss! I love them because they're cute but so comfortable. I sized down one....maybeee could've went down another size. I may grab the next size down and see how they fit.

These next two aren't necessarily recent purchases, but I wanted to share them because they're so cute.

Valentine's Day Pajamas: These pajamas are so cute for Valentine's Day. They also come in this cute kiss print. I'm wearing a large. The top is on the more snug side for a large, but I wouldn't size up because then the bottoms would be too big.

Lounge Set: Top/Bottoms. This Stars Above set is soooooo comfy. I'm wearing a large in the picture, but I'm thinking about exchanging for a medium. I'm torn because I love my pajamas with more room but I feel like a medium would be better. The bottoms also come in joggers.


Ribbed Square Neck Tee: This ribbed tee is so soft and I love the square neck! I'm wearing a large. It's kind of big, but it still works.

Dotted Peplum Blouse: This top is so flattering and I love the sleeve detailing. I'm wearing a medium.

V-Neck Sweater: I didn't even pick this top out. It was just sitting in the dressing room, but I tried it on anyway and loved it haha I'm wearing a medium.

Red Dress Boutique

Sweater: This sweater is my new obsession. I love the oversized fit and the sleeve details! I'm wearing the M/L in Beige

In the second picture, I have it layered over a black dress. In case you haven't seen this hack, put a bralette over your dress and tuck the sweater into that!

Champagne Button Down: I loveeeee this top. It's satin so it immediately dresses any outfit up. I love this look with the jeans! I'm wearing a medium.

Floral Top: I love the sleeve detail on this top and the tassels. And it can easily be dressed up or down with jeans. I'm wearing a medium.

I also grabbed a couple of pieces of jewelry including these gold hoops and this necklace which is currently not available but you can sign up for the waitlist.


Okay, reason #4 I couldn't be a fashion influencer......I forgot to clean my mirror.

Blazer: Finding this blazer was a happy accident, but I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it. I love how you can dress them up or down. I've even seen them styled with graphic tees (which I have plenty of). I'm wearing a large.

Pants: These pants are from TJ Maxx so again, I can't link them, but how freaking cute?!

Strappy Heels: The heels are from Forever 21, but it looks like they're no longer available.

Here's a more casual styling of the blazer. So universal!


I haven't purchased much from Amazon recently, I think I burned myself out over the holidays lol, but this set is my new favorite! I want it in 3 more colors!

Waffle Knit Set: I'm wearing a large and I love the way it fits. I think if I had gotten a medium, the shorts would've been too short for me to comfortably wear this in public. The large is pe3rfect.

TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Okay, now here is your disclaimer before you scroll any further. I can't link these next outfits so if you scour your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls and can't find them I'm sorry, but I hope you do find them because they're so good!

This cardigan is my favoriteeeee. It's cute but sporty...idk how to describe it. It has a hood and can be belted. I tried on both the medium and large and honestly didn't notice a huge difference but went with a large for length.

This cardigan is like that longcoat I shared earlier from Gap, but in cardigan form (obviously) so it's lightweight. It's so stinking soft and can be dressed up or down. Love!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw me share this Olive + Oak set in stories and y'all died over it (for good reason). It was $40 and came with the pants, crop top, and jacket/cardigan. I'm wearing a medium and it's still pretty roomy and I love that about it!

This is my favorite find of the year (so far haha). This lounge set came with all 3 pieces and is sooooooo soft. I went with a large in this one. Don't be surprised if you see me in this 24/7.

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