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Office Makeover

If I'm being honest, our office has been the hardest space in our home for me to design.

It's really just a 4th bedroom that we decided would be our work space. Over the past few years I've struggled with if we should make it a true office by bringing in our hardwood floors, adding built-ins, and adding French doors, but ultimately (with the help of my friends on Instagram) decided that keeping it a bedroom would be better in the long run for re-sale purposes.

Another reason why I've struggled with this space is that it functions as my husbands office, my office, AND my craft space. At times, combining all of that into a functional (and aesthetically pleasing) space seemed impossible.

But one night I was laying in bed and all of a sudden just had these bursts of ideas and couldn't wait to get started.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE....

When you entered the room, on the left side was my husbands space with his corner desk and bookcase to display all of his work accomplishments. Hanging above his computer he also had his dress blues from the Marine Corps. As you can see, he has a lot of red tones around his desk which played a huge decision in the paint color that I chose.

On the right side of the room is my space. I have a desk for working and then a space for crafts. The drawers in the middle of the craft desk pull out so that I have space to work when I need it.

(And because I get so many questions, I'll go ahead and address this now. My entire desk setup is from Ikea. I will link what I can at the end of this post.)

And here is the AFTER....

The wall color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore and is the perfect compliment to my husbands side of the office while alway still allowing me to add some feminine touches to mine.

We absolutely love this space and you can check out more of the process in my highlights over on my Inst wait to get started.

Shop this space here:

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1 Comment

Looks beautiful! What is the neutral paint color above the navy?

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